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Author : ayushi gupta

E-mail : yewbook1989@gmail.com


Today, the fitness craze has spread all over the world like a wild fire. People of all the age groups now opt for a healthy life style. They have indulged in different acitivties like cardio, yoga, weight training, zumba etc. to maintain their figures. Regular workout has widespread advantages. It helps to keep joint and muscle pain at a bay; it reduces the risk of heart attack; it helps you maintain a killer figure; it helps you to increase your stamina and flexibility; it helps you boost your metabolic rate. A healthy workout also helps you prevent joint stiffness; it improves coordination among different body parts etc.

People usually give a major impetus on workouts. However, fitness is not solely about a healthy and intensive workout. It also includes a balanced and nutritional diet. If you are specifically aiming for weight loss, let me tell you, diet plays a major role in shedding those extra pounds. Weight loss involves 80% dieting and 20% exercising. With dieting, I don't mean starving yourself to death. A 1200-1500 calorie diet for female and 1800-2400 calorie diet for males is ideal for healthy functioning of body and as we all know, the diet should be rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Your daily calorie intake should also include essential oils like omega 3, omega 6 etc. It is always advisable to cut down on red meat and consume more chicken, egg and fish (if you are a non-vegetarian). For vegetarians, dieting is a lot more simple than non-vegetarians. Vegans usually are the people who have major issues with a healthy and nutritional diet. Being a vegetarian is a good thing but being a vegan is not an accepted norm if you want to stay fit.

When it comes to exercising, its all about pushing your limits! Beginners can take it easy in the beginning but we do not expect you to continue with this "easy" attitude forever. For example- if you have opted for jogging, it is advisable to begin with 40 minutes of brisk walking in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. This brisk walking routine should continue for 3 days, thereafter you can begin with your jogging routine. This three day brisk walking routine is essential because it loosens your muscles and prepares you for a vigorous jogging routine. You will feel some pain in your leg muscles for these 3 days which will magically go away on the 4th day of your routine. In the same way, if you are opting for skipping, it is always suggested that you begin with a decent 100 skips per day and with time, increase it to 800 skips in 10 minutes per day. Skipping is not recommended if you have arthritis or spine issues.

There is a set formula for everything in life. Fitness and weight loss are no rocket science. Ways to achieve them have evolved over a number of decades. One cannot expect instant results and thus having patience is a pre-requisite if you want to become a fitness guru.