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Author : ayushi gupta

E-mail : yewbook1989@gmail.com


You definitely do not want to victimize your own body! To keep yourself fit as a fiddle, exercise is a must. There are many people who ignore and dismiss that knee joint pain, a protruding belly, loose and fat upper arms, hammering headaches, frequent muscle cramps, twitching muscles, shoulder pain, stiff neck etc. All these are signs of your body losing its vigour and stamina. These are the signs of ageing which only occur when you do not workout properly. Stress can be another major reason but even stress is an outcome of no proper relaxation and exercise. Hence it is ruled out!

My major focus is on exercise as I feel that all the other issues are interconnected. We can blame it to our sitting posture, paramount stress, lot of work on computer etc. for all the symptoms of ageing but the truth is that all this is an outcome of no proper exercise. A 40 minute workout routine on a daily basis is a must. There are plethora of options in the fitness market. If you opt for yoga, begin your day with ten Surya Namaskars. Relax a little with Anlom Vilom and Kapalbhaati. Keep stress at a bay with ten minutes of meditation. Get a flat tummy with Kapal Bhaati. Improve your flexibility with Child's Pose, Bound Angle Pose, Cow Face Pose, Extended Puppy Pose, Big Toe Pose, Fire Log Pose and Half Frog Pose. Hundreds of poses have been discovered till date. It is funny to see that Indians did not realise the importance of yoga till Americans started emphasising on its benefits. India, as usual, followed the example of America when it gave paramount importance to yoga. It is ironical to see that the birthplace of yoga (India) failed to understand its importance at the first place.

If you opt for cardio, skipping is the best resort. Jogging and running are also feasible options but the advantage of skipping is that you need to spend less time in shedding pounds within a few weeks. Skipping is more intensive than many other forms of cardio. It can be paired with lunges, planks, kick boxing etc. The other most suitable form of cardio is a plank. You can search you tube for different types of planks for beginners and intermediates. It is extremely useful in strengthening your core. The third most widely accepted form of cardio is kick boxing. It is the most intense and vigorous form of cardio which can burn around 400 calories in an hour.

If you opt for zumba, you need to invest daily 60 minutes to your workout regime. You will notice appropriate weight loss results with zumba only after a month. It is not very taxing on your lungs and heart. Mostly women of 35 years of age or above opt for this option. Zumba is an effective exercise for ladies who want to lose pounds after pregnancy. Apart from the discussed methods, weight training and strength training are also ideal for increasing fitness levels.