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India's education system is regarded as one of the most pathetic education system in the world. The system of quota, use of traditional methods of teaching, focusing on academic credentials etc. have ruined the logical and creative tendencies of people. The people from X generation started giving exams from as early as class 3rd. The late 80s and early 90s kids usually had 40-50 children in their classrooms. The trend is now changing. This pattern of education does not work any more.

The education of an Indian child has been done in such a manner that he can aspire to work to meet out his daily needs but he has not been taught any such thing which will help him compete on a worldwide basis. There are a few prodigies in our society who easily manage to compete in this diverse world whereas many unfortunate people, who have immersed themselves in upgrading their academic credentials since early years, fail in many serious aspects of their career. What can be exactly blamed for the failure of these people? Definitely its our education system which did not focus on teaching children the basic principles which need to be applied in our lives. To mention a few, these principles are - perseverance, independence, unorthodoxy etc.

The education system of India completely focuses on the marks of a student. The present generation is quite lucky as this dogma is shifting from its focus. Parents are now trying to enculcate different sorts of extra curriculars in their child's regime. Parents, who have the requisite means, put their children in dancing schools, singing academies, horse riding institutes, swimming classes, instrument learning institutes, sport academies etc. Parents as well as children are well versed that there has to be at least one extra curricular in which the child excels. Its encouraging to see that parents have started motivating their children to join the activities which make them happy. Studies are still mainstream in our society but the time when they will blur in the background is not far away.

Many campaigns and quotes are going famous in today's scenario. "I was born intelligent but education ruined me" - by Albert Einstein. A piece of paper which has your marks written on it won't be ever considered by anyone in your future. The education needs to shift its focus from roting to logical and creative tendencies of children. The ultimate survival instincts need to be taught to every child. Only then can, our future generation, excel in every aspect of their life.